I live in Charente-Maritime, a French country richly låna pengar resevaluta växlingskurser valuta forex bank diverse in terms of landscape and fauna. Transported by the magic of photography, my gaze is out of sync. Light takes on a different meaning and there are no more objects, just pictures.

I love being in مذيع الأخبار nature, because nature is life, a wonder to behold. Birds have taken on a greater role in my photographic work. I am fascinated by the way they fly with such grace and prowess. Icarus’s dream…?

And then there is the mysteriousness of the night, Man’s omnipresent mark and the never-ending quest: how to capture this in a picture?

حفر هذا  Patrice Mariolan


Every year, a large number of exhibition venues in Charente-Maritime, technical talks, slideshows…

Patrice Mariolan